Formal Friday Virtual Fitting

We photographed all our garments on different sized guys so that you can actually see how our garments would fit you.

In two easy steps you can accurately choose the right size and fit.


Select a model closest to your own size


See how our garments fit on the model.

Finding the right size and fit

Formal Friday’s Virtual Fitting Room is a size advisor feature in which you can visually compare all our garments on different sized bodies. By selecting a model that is closest to your own size, you can easily estimate how the garment would actually fit you .

We recommend that you pay attention to following details:

● One of the most critical measurements is the chest circumference. We advise you to check the different garment sizes on a model who has roughly similar chest circumference than yours. This is particularly important in rigid shirts, as the fabric won’t stretch according to your body.
● After you have locked down the right size for your chest, take a look at that garment on a model that is close to your own height. Take a good look from the front, side, and back angles to be sure the garment is long enough to your liking.

Virtual fitting

Model measurements

For exact model measurements, please see the table below. All measurements are in centimetres.

  Victor Antonio Tommi Toni Ville Uche
Height 174 178 179 183 185 194
Weight 72 80 78 81 85 92
Chest circumference 97 101 101 104 112 104
Waist circumference 86 89 88 93 86 92
Arm circumference 39 41 40 43 43 44
Arm length 60 60 63 62 66 71
Shoulder 46 45 46 47 54 48
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