Let’s Get You Coated in Merino

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Is it too early to armour up with the thickest jacket you own? Going all the way too soon could mark a freezing January for hasty ones. Instead of answering that difficult question we’re happy to take part in keeping you warm this fall and winter.

Shielding from the cold is tricky business. We’re not sure if it’s an urban legend, but apparently in Northern Finland, people can be seen wearing ski pants while queuing to bars. That’s how cold it gets. Formal Friday doesn’t offer ski pants just yet, and in fact, we think we’ve found stylish alternatives that don’t compromise looks for warmth and comfort. We would like to take some time to introduce you to our winter gear properly. Formal Friday’s dashing A/W collection features two coats in multiple colors.


Henson Jacket / Wool Denim Jeans

We’re rooters for the active lifestyle. That’s why we went ahead and designed two completely different pieces for this season. Henson, as we call it, is an interesting addition to Formal Friday’s smart but casual line. Henson is a technical jacket with exceptional looks. It’s not too sporty for the street but still delivers in tough conditions. Henson’s strength is its wind and water proof exterior that allows for warm layering in extreme conditions. Although not showcased in the movie, we hear Leonardo Di Caprio wore the Henson while being chased by a bear in the Revenant. Not to brag, but apparently it was the only thing that kept him alive in the snow.

Our jackets have Formal Friday’s signature quality merino wool in common, but our classic Peary tackles winter weather with a different approach. The backbone of your winter wardrobe, Peary is the smooth operator that won’t leave you in pickle, so to say. Featuring a clean, slightly asymmetrical cut, its sophisticated simplicity fits almost any situation (not the ones that call for Henson). Formal Friday being an ambassador of practicality, we gave Peary a raised collar to protect you from the piercing wind. That’s the least we could do in a world where men cope with small scarves, while women basically walk around with blankets around their necks.

Henson Merino Tech Jacket | Black

Henson Merino Tech Jacket | Black

Peary Merino Wool Coat | Midnight Blue

Peary Merino Wool Coat | Midnight Blue

Henson Merino Tech Jacket | Brown

Henson Merino Tech Jacket | Brown




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