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Over the years we have been testing and prototyping with a lot of different shirting fabrics. Although our collections have included traditional shirting fabrics such as linen and cotton, the backbone of our shirt development has always been the naturally innovative merino wool.

The first collection back in 2015 had a 58:42 merino-cotton blend which turned out to be great success in terms of user experience as well as aesthetics. Since then we have tried merino-cotton blends with a 10:90, 20:80, 60:40 ratios.

Last season we introduced 100% merino wool shirts at 186g/m2 weight in two colorways, and to our delight they were highly liked by the public for their benefits. That is why we decided to make five new styles for this year using the exact same material.

Below we listed few of the key benefits why we have developed these shirts in the first place, and why, based on our recent customer survey, customers have thought they are well worth the investment.

At microscopic levels, Merino wool fibres are like coiled springs, returning to their original state when pressure is released. This means you rarely have to iron your shirt.


Merino wool stays cleaner for longer. Unlike synthetic fibre or cotton, Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains being absorbed and makes cleaning easier. We use specially treated machine washable wool, so when your shirt do need washing, just wash it as your regular shirt.


Merino wool helps you feel fresh. Unpleasant smells during and after use are caused when sweat degrades. The complex chemical structure of Merino wool actually locks away these unpleasant odour molecules.


Merino wool offers excellent protection from extremes of temperature. Merino wool is an active fibre with a natural crimp which creates a lot of very small insulating air pockets. That’s how it helps keep you warm in cold conditions, and cool in hot conditions. This not only keeps you comfortable but can also be essential when adventuring in severe conditions.




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