We fused wool with denim to bring you a new concept: wool denim jeans

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Originally a garment for cowboys and miners, for almost 150 years one clothing article has remained basically the same – denim jeans. From the 1950’s rock culture to 1970’s hippie age, jeans revolutionized the way men and women all around the world dressed. And today jeans have become the stable of every wardrobe.


We decided it is time to make them a little bit better. We searched for high quality cotton denim and in cooperation with our manufacturing partners added our specialty – merino wool – to it. The fabric uses exactly the same warp yarn as traditional denim, but replaces some of the weft yarns with high quality machine-washable merino wool. It is finished just like traditional denim, so you can rest assured style won’t be compromised. Thus the concept of wool denim was born.

Blend of 90% high quality denim, 9% superfine merino wool, and 1% of elastane. The effortless look of typical cotton denim jeans combined with all the performance benefits of merino wool. And just a tad of stretch to finish off the fit.

We have been testing the wool denim in the nordic weather through all seasons, and believe these wool denim jeans are just the thing we were aiming for: tapered fit but still comfortable enough for effortless use. Other features include:

• Warmth: Merino wool in the weft yarns ensures there is wool on the inside of the fabric. This adds an extra element of warmth even in the coldest of winters and takes the initial chill out of putting on regular denim jeans.
• Moisture management: When wet, the Wool Denim fabric feels drier on the skin and more comfortable than 100% cotton.
• Odour resistant: Wool fabrics are naturally odour resistant, so this property lends itself to also exist in Wool Denim.
• Machine washable: Specially treated wool is used to ensure you can wash and dry your jeans normally, if needed.

Here is some footage of the testing and development of the wool denim jeans:

We are eager to find out your feedback and testimonials on this new concept, so don’t hesitate to contact us once you try them out.


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